The Managers

Luc Sartor, Partner, Wine Expert & Advisor to the Fund.

Former owner of the Grand Cru Classes: Chateau Branaire Ducru.

Luc is also the C.E.O of the most successful wine export negociant business in Bordeaux for the USA and ASIAN market: "BEST WINE CO. Bordeaux"


Eric D. Sartor, Partner.

After growing up in Bordeaux, Eric graduated top of his class in his B.B.A and M.B.A at The School of Business at The University of Miami.

Before joining "The Sartor Group.", Eric specialized in Finance, he worked at Smith Barney in Wealth Management.

Eric is also the Export Manager at "BEST WINE CO."



Barbara Sartor, Manager.

Specialized in History of Fine Wines, Barbara was born in Bordeaux, she also graduated The University of Miami with a History and Communication degree.

Nowadays, she is also in charge of the UK market for a Top Negociant in Bordeaux: "BEST WINE CO."



Debra Sartor, Consultant.

Born in raised in NY, Debra graduated with honors from Siena College. After working as an executive for the "ABC TV" network, she moved to Bordeaux, where she resided at Chateau Branaire Ducru.

She has an extensive knowledge of the Bordeaux market in the USA.


Charles Sartor, Member of the Board.

Born in Bordeaux, Charles left early to the Bollietieri Tennis Academy in Florida to pursue a Tennis Career. Captain of the Tennis team at Wake Forest, Charles graduated top of his class in Communication.

Charles now resides in Charlotte, NC. He is an executive for Continental Tires at the Headquarters Office.